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Dolma Jamyang has been a student of Lobsang Dolma since 2018. Through her Buddhistic practice and cooperation with Lobsang Dolma, she works with mantra song, mantra recitation and how to use the voice, and creative writing as a tool for self-healing and transformation. In 2024 she also became a Tibetan 5 element practice teacher. She offers Tibetan 5 Element practice workshops, where she focuses on balancing our emotions and thougts. She also has workshops for those who wish to connect with their own free expression through sound and voice. Working with our voice and breath, can be a tool to help be present in our body and to learn to love our voice and creativity as a unique part of the world. Sometimes there is use of mantras, breath work, but mostly vowels, and sounds. She also uses Deep writing as a tool to create awareness of how we judge ourselves and our surroundings. In combination, these methods can help relieve stress in our daily life, and help to balance the body and mind


Dolma Jamyang has her background from literature and music. She has released several records and also attended Skrivekunstakademiet in Vestland.

She teaches both individually and groups


Lisen to Dolma Jamyang on Spotify

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