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Since 2007 Lobsang Dolma (Heidi Vestrheim) has studied Tibetan Buddhism and practiced with the eminent doctor and Buddhist master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. She has dedicated herself to the teachings from him. She is a certified teacher and educator. Since 2009 she has been teaching Lu Jong (Healing Yoga), Tog Chöd (Sword Dance), Mindfulness, Tsa Lung, Shinè and 5 elements practice. In addition she gives teaching in the Buddhist philosophy and different topics for a better daily life. Before she met Rinpoche, she worked as a social worker. She was at one point severely affected by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and unable to work. Her meeting with Tulku Lobsang and his techniques gradually helped her to understand that looking for happiness and help outside of ourselves is a lost cause (useless). Self–love, love for others and acceptance have been an eye opener - power, happiness and love is inside ourselves. If we know how to use our own power, we will be able to change ourselves. The teachings of Vajrayana Buddhism is combined with her own experience with the practice and


Lobsang Dolma is Both Teacher and Educator in most of the methods she has recieved from Tulku Lobsang. 

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