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TOG CHÖD - Tibetan Wisdom Sword

Tog means thoughts and Chöd means to cut or melt through. Tog Chöd is a powerful, dynamic and physical meditation technique. These movements, by using the sword, will quickly bring us to mindfulness. The movements are soft, but also clear and rough. In addition we use a special breathing technique. Tog Chöd helps us to feel more power, love, compassion and it helps us to believe in ourselves and take clear decisions.
The sword symbolizes our inner wisdom. The sword cuts through our conceptual mind. With wisdom, we can transform negative emotions and change ourselves. We are trapped in thoughts and negative emotions, which arise from our past and thoughts of
future. We allow fear and expectations to rule our lives - we do not live in the present moment, which is the only existence. When our thoughts are distracting us, we feel confused, lack of energy and insecure. Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche has developed Tog Chöd. The sword dance is based on the traditional Yaman monk dance and the Kalachakra movements, but created in direct response to the needs of us in the modern world. We need a practice to free ourselves from our conceptual mind. This helps us to connect with our own power. In Tog Chöd, we use anger to strengthen our power, but the deep motivation is compassion.

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